A Gift People Will Remember!

Your friend’s birthday is around the corner and you have no idea what to buy. Coming up with a great present can be pretty tough:

  • He plays rugby – but he already has all the equipment he needs.

  • She plays the piano – but a new piano is pretty expensive.

  • I could buy him some porn magazines – but he has a girlfriend.

  • He likes video games – but someone else is taking care of that.

In the end, all that's left is a chocolate. It's a great present but a little cheap and also not very original.

That's where we come in. We have invented a great present which combines originality, doesn't cost a fortune and you can be sure that your buddy will be really, really surprised...

It’s A Piece Of Shit

“Bullshit,” you think. Almost, our selection unfortunately includes just cow shit. You can also have a pick from pigs, horses or donkeys as your shit suppliers. Their goods come in different shapes and sizes so you can personalize the present and perhaps even pull off a joke just you two will understand.

And you know what's really great? You don't have to worry about packaging. Order from us and you'll receive a professionally wrapped up present immediately prepared to be handed to your friend. Remember to take a camera to capture the moment and laugh at it for many years to come.

Obviously, be sure your friend has an appropriate dose of sense of humour; otherwise you might not stay friends. But wouldn't it be worth it? Who has ever lost a friend just by choosing shit as a gift? If it happened to you, no doubt you'd become a legend!

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