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Use SendShit.co.uk to send someone a piece of shit completely anonymously and just for £19.99. Pick a shit from the animal you like the most, make an order and we'll take care of the rest – the lucky recipient will receive a nicely wrapped package containing a fresh piece of shit of top notch quality.


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Domestic Pig

Have you ever had anything to do with this animal? If so, you know far too well it will eat literally anything – corn, grain, garbage... and of course, all of that will be reflected in its shit.

Perfect times to send:

New Year


Valentines day




Looking for a solid and large piece of shit with traces of grain and carrot? Hundreds of customers can recommend the good ol' donkey.


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This type of shit is so juicy and smelly that it should be used only in extreme cases of surprise or vengeance. Buy horse shit knowing it will make the recipient breathless – literally.


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We can whole-heartedly recommend cow shit. A mixture of fresh grass and grain often leads to a gargantuan result which massively exceeds your expectations.


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