Video testimonials


" helped me to rubble the feathers of my goddamn co-worker. That asshole was pissing me off for a long time and I finally had my revenge. Thank you!"

Charlie Mel..., London

"My neighbour let His Doggy Majesty shit wherever it wanted. One small package of pig shit was all it took to make him carry a bag to his walks!"

Ethan Jac..., Birmingham

"My biology teacher is very biased – so I sent her a little present from the real world beyond her textbooks."

Emily Cho..., Bradford

"I had to pay £70 for an extremely shitty service. Paying additional 20 quid and returning the favour was a bargain I couldn't refuse."

George Pil..., London

"An uncle of mine has a great sense of humour and thanks to you, he nearly got a stroke from laughter at his last birthday party."

Jessica Bon..., Brighton

"There are two types of mothers-in-law: one of them deserves pig shit and the other... well, cow shit did the trick."

Chloe Nel..., Bristol

"Thanks guys! Now my ex has some proper fertilizer for the ridiculous amount of flowers her new boyfriend brings her."

Muhammad But..., Coventry

"I used to deliver a piece of donkey shit to my lector of Spanish – hopefully he'll now understand how "popular" he is!"

Alice Cri..., London

"Great service gents, I'm pretty sure a buddy of mine will now return my stuff precisely on time."

Michael Lov..., Liverpool

"For five years, I'm going to the same grocery store. And for five years, there's the same mean bitch who doesn't understand human face can actually smile. I finally snapped and had her delivered some smelly shit, now I can at least picture her when she opened the box!"

Sam Rob..., Manchester

"My sister needed to understand she and her "gorgeous" kids are not the centre of the universe. Believe it or not, a piece of cow shit says more than a thousand words!"

Zoe Hos..., Salford

"I have never met anyone who would be so disgusting and acted against every single rule of hygiene there is like my roommate Greg. When I found, it was clear I just had to top it. It didn't help though, so I might have to order again..."

William Mar..., London

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