Terms & conditions


"Seller" refers to Sendshit.co.uk. The Seller offers natural fertilizers on his website.

"Buyer" refers to a private individual who entered a buying contract via an online form with the Seller.

By ordering the goods, the Buyer agrees to follow these Terms and Conditions. The Seller will do the same.


By ordering one of our products, you agree to the following:

You may NOT use our service to threaten, constitute harassment, violate a legal restraint, or any other unlawful purpose. The buyer agrees this is a gag gift, novelty service for entertainment ONLY and that is their only intension. Sendshit.co.uk liability to the buyer is limited to the price of the product. Buyers ordering any items from this web site agree to release sendshit.co.uk its agents, officers, and employees of any and all liability associated with the use of our services.

Scope of the Contract

The scope of contract is the goods stated in the ordering form characterized by its name.

The Seller guarantees to deliver the goods in the same shape and other specifications relevant to the goods. The Buyer is aware that when handling the goods (natural fertilizer), he or she must follow the attached instructions. Failure to do so revokes the Buyer's responsibility for the lowered quality of the delivered fertilizer, any and all damages on other objects or health issues caused by improper handling of the fertilizer.

By sending the online ordering form, the Buyer fully accepts the current price of the ordered goods stated in the ordering form, unless a case-specific agreement says otherwise.

The Buyer is bound to his order and cannot cancel it during the delivery process.

Ordering Goods & Concluding a Contract

The prices stated on the website www.sendshit.co.uk are in effect the moment the order is made.

The payments are done in advance via a credit card – the Seller will ship the goods within five business days of receiving the full payment for the ordered goods.

If the Buyer pays properly and the Seller is unable to secure the shipment, the Seller will return the funds without unnecessary delays (no later than in five business days).

Seller's Rights & Obligations

The Seller will handle a valid order, ship the ordered goods and deliver it to the provided address in the time frame stated in these Terms and Conditions (five business days). The Buyer will receive a receipt through email.

The Seller will not share personal data of the Buyer in any shape or form with a third party. If the Buyer registers or makes an order, he or she agrees the Buyer can use the personal data for business communication between both parties. The Buyer treats all personal data as confidential.

The Seller reserves the right to terminate the order if the Buyer does not pay in time or uses other than the specified forms of payment.

The Seller will terminate the contract if he goes out of stock for a particular goods and the Buyer will not agree to order something else.

Final Statements

Both parties agree that unless stated otherwise, their rights and responsibilities are solely specified in these Terms and Conditions.

The Seller reserves the right to change these Terms of Conditions at any time without notifying the Buyer.

Terms & Conditions