Top 10 reasons

1) A one-of-a-kind birthday present

Birthday is a unique holiday and people realise it. That’s why they try hard to surprise their friends with parties and presents. Speaking of surprise presents, we guarantee they will be speechless once they open their package from us!

2) An unforgettable Christmas present

Every year, people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to give to others. Something special, something they won’t see coming. Ask yourself – would you see this one coming?

3) You want to show how much you "care" for your ex.

Were you in love but did you get cheated upon? Use our service and send a perspicuous message what you think about your ex.

4) A buddy of yours will appreciate an unusual gift.

Would you like to surprise your friend like nobody has before? Rest assured he'll remember a piece of shit from us for the rest of his life!

5) You experienced a shitty service and you want to return the favor.

Did you use your hard earned money to pay for lousy services?

  • Lazy and dour shop assistant didn't help you find what you were looking for.

  • Your internet connection keeps messing with you during important Skype calls.

  • The repairman just made things worse.

Let them all know what you think!

6) You wish to send a great surprise to your colleagues or boss at work.

Do you face gossip, bias, envy or ridiculous overtimes on a daily basis? A piece of shit is a good first step to let people know things have to change.

7) Some classmates just deserve to get a piece of shit, don't they?

Telltales, nerds, captains of sport teams, bullies, people who rejected your carefully crafted date proposal... you now have a perfect weapon to get back at every single one of them!

8) You know a vivid gardener who could use a solid fertilizer.

Shit simply belongs to nature. If you have a garden and you want flourishing flowers or to give a boost to a newly planted tree, a piece of 100% natural shit will see it done.

9) This gift is ecological and fully recycable.

A gift from us won't end up on a junk heap. You won't pollute Mother Nature either because even if your gift is immediately thrown away, it'll be gone in a couple of days.

10) You'll help animals by buying their shit.

By making an order at, you're also contributing to the care and bigger paddocks & pens for our lovely animals!

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