Is It 100% Anonymous?

Certainly. The recipient will never be able to find out you are the original sender, unless of course you decide to ring him or her up and disclose yourself.

How Can I Pay?

The website uses several Payment methods. After pressing the ORDER button you'll be able to pay for the goods either via your account or through a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard...).

How Long Till The Package Is Delivered?

It leaves our facilities 1 to 3 days after your order, then it takes approximately 2 days until the final delivery. You may only choose recipients inside the UK. Unfortunately, we don't ship to international addresses.

Can I choose when to send the package?

Absolutely. You can add this information to the right in while you are filling out the order form. This means that if you wish to secure a unique gift for your family or friends, you can do so even now. Leave the rest to us!

Can I choose the wrapping?

Yes. We offer a carefully considered selection of wrappings of different styles and themes. We have wrappings suitable for birthdays, Christmas and Halloween but also general-purpose wrappings that will surely suit your needs.

What Are The Shipping Costs?


Is The Poop Real?

You bet!

How can I get the 10% discount?

The only thing you need to do is to press the SHARE ON FACEBOOK button. The discount will be applied as soon as you do it.

Why should I share this on Facebook?

Considering the fact that this project is international and the problem (about which you can read at http://www.sendshit.co.uk/top-10-reasons ) is global, sharing can be an assertive way of disagreeing with the current attutiude of the public to the problem as well as a token of support for those doing their best to solve the issue.

Can I Attach A Message?

Yes, you have a chance to attach a message while you are filling out the order form.

I Found Shit In My Mail, What Now?

Well, at first, please accept our sincere congratulations! Animal poop is an excellent fertilizer and whoever sent it must have had just the best interest of your flowers in mind.

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