Bad customer service??? Take a revenge!

Facing customer service is inevitable for every person living in the Western society. Sometimes the customer service is nice and helpful, but we'll talk about the instances when it's not.

Maybe you called to a bank and on the other side of the phone there was a really annoying lady who did not want to answer your questions. Perhaps you went to a shop and wanted to register a complaint, but you were wrongfully rejected.

All in all, you received a shitty customer service and there wasn't much you could do about it – until now. Return the favour and have them delivered a piece of shit!

Order a shit and send it to your favourite customer service(s). No less than four animals are eager to help you: a pig, a horse, a cow and a donkey. Everything is entirely anonymous, the recipient simply won't be able to track the package back to you.

Speaking of packages, make no mistake – even though it contains a horribly disgusting and smelly piece of shit inside, the package will be professionally wrapped (even with a bow) and they won't know what hit them until the very last second.

Customer service is supposed to be there for you and if it isn't, well... they say a picture says more than a thousand words. Arguably, a piece of shit can convey the message in an even more perspicuous way. Place an order now and you may never have to deal with that particular shitty customer service again!

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