Problems With Your ex? We Have A Solution

Have you ever had a partner you loved so much that you would do everything for her or him? And did the other person suddenly end your beautiful relationship, perhaps even by cheating? We're offering you a perfect weapon to retaliate!

At a first glance, it will look just like a regular present. But the vengeance hidden inside will by far exceed any suspicious expectations. Shit is a fairly unusual and definitely disgusting present but we believe it does the trick in demonstrating how much you “care”.

And the best thing? You can choose from multiple animals, each offering a different kind of revenge. We have pigs, donkeys, horses and cows, all eager to deliver. For example, if your ex was a typical Barbie girl, just imagine her obtaining a beautifully packed present, being excited to unpack it and then… BANG! She finds a shit. A huge, disgusting and smelly shit.

Order now to make it happen and if you're worried you'll be the next one to receive shit, fear not – our service is completely anonymous and you'll be identified as the sender only if, you say, write a lovely good-bye letter mentioning the gift.

Were You The One Who Broke Up?

Doesn’t matter, you can still give a shit and conclude your relationship in style. You must have had a reason to break up. Perhaps your partner was stupid and having a piece of cow shit delivered is an elegant way of finally getting it out of your chest. Or was it because of an unebarable weight gain? A piece of pig shit could be the turning point leading to losing it again!

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