Start acting ecologically

Global warming is becoming an issue. Lots of animal and plant species are dying off because we are cutting down primeval forests. Mineral resources like oil are slowly running short. But what does gift giving have to do with ecology?

Give A Shit. For Real!

Perhaps you're thinking: “What? That is crazy!” On the other hand, it's something quite unusual, the donee will be pretty surprised and of course, shit is 100% recyclable. You can even choose from 4 types of shit – pig, horse, donkey and cow.

It's Cheap!

Imagine you have to spend only £ 19.99 for quite possibly the most original gift the person will ever receive. Shit can convey both positive and negative messages – a buddy of yours will laugh long and hard. Also, witnessing your arrogant boss unpacking a huge pile of stinking horse shit in his shiny office is literally priceless.

Order now and feel safe doing so – the only thing attached to the nicely wrapped package will be our business card, your identity will remain completely hidden.

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